Executive Search
Case Study:

B.E. Smith,
an AMN Healthcare Company

B.E. Smith is an interim leadership and executive search firm exclusively focused on healthcare companies.

Initial Challenge: Present a keynote address to launch the strategic planning meeting.
The CEO of B.E. Smith initially contracted with Dr. Georgiou to present a keynote address to launch the opening day of a four-day strategic planning meeting with his senior leadership team. He simply wanted a healthcare expert’s perspective on market trends and an overview of the Affordable Care Act. As Archelle worked with the CEO to formulate her approach for the keynote, he invited her to participate in the entire meeting. Then he expanded her role again and asked her to facilitate the entire four-day offsite session. Archelle established an ongoing relationship with B.E. Smith and for four years planned and facilitated the company’s annual off-site meetings.

Client Success:
Drawing on her business management expertise as well as relationship-building skills, Archelle’s recommendations led to the establishment and achievement of aggressive new financial targets which subsequently contributed to B.E. Smith’s acquisition by AMN Healthcare.

  • In her trusted advisor relationship with the CEO, Archelle worked closely with him on leadership style, personnel management, and M&A strategy.
  • Archelle offered guidance, coaching and was a “sounding board” for the CEO, COO, and CFO as they developed a dashboard and monitoring process for the operating metrics they needed to reach their targets.
  • During the five months preceding each strategic planning meeting, Archelle played an active role in the annual business and budget planning process with the senior team. This gave her a deep understanding of the business opportunities and challenges as well as a front row seat to the team’s dynamics. The insights she gained guided her organization and facilitation of the week-long leadership meetings, including all team building, meals, and entertainment activities.