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Case Study:


Triple Tree is the country’s largest investment bank solely focused on the healthcare services and technology marketplace.

The Challenge: Differentiate TripleTree’s brand by establishing a healthcare think tank.
TripleTree is distinguished by their exclusive focus on healthcare—and by their commitment to conducting and publishing primary research on trending healthcare themes. Although the firm’s principals conduct this research, TripleTree’s founder recognized the need for access to highly experienced, in-the-market healthcare experts who could advise, educate, and guide the firm regarding new and upcoming trends. Dr. Georgiou was brought in to help further differentiate TripleTree and solidify its brand by establishing a healthcare think tank comprised of seasoned healthcare executives.

Client Success: Dr. Georgiou launched the Health Executive Roundtable (HER), a think tank that deepened Triple Tree’s healthcare expertise and increased the credibility and competitive positioning of the firm.

  • Archelle established the mission, vision, charter, metrics structure, budget, operating processes.
  • Along with the firm’s founder, Archelle developed an “A-list” of potential members. Within 60 days, Archelle successfully recruited every member on the list and hosted the first meeting. The HER members were a diverse group of healthcare leaders representing expertise in banking, medical device, telecommunications, regulatory/legislative affairs, consumer engagement, employee benefits, information technology, and integrated health systems.
  • Twice a year, Archelle hosted two-day HER Roundtables. These events gave TripleTree’s bankers and opportunity to develop working relationships with the HER members and subsequently enhanced the firm’s advisory expertise for clients and prospective clients.
  • During each Roundtable, Archelle leveraged the group’s multi-disciplinary expertise by tasking members to conduct a strategic review analysis of young emerging businesses. Archelle coordinated and facilitated this highly structured process; young companies got valuable advice and TripleTree benefited from intimate knowledge and personal relationships with promising early stage businesses.
  • Archelle co-authored Viewpoint, an annual research report that included independent perspectives from HER members. Viewpoint was distributed to an audience of 11,000 business contacts.
  • Archelle extended the concept of the HER by hosting monthly in-service luncheons for the TripleTree team that featured guest speakers from Archelle’s network of healthcare colleagues. The introductions facilitated by these luncheons translated into new relationships that further expanded TripleTree’s access to industry experts willing to assist with due diligence and research.