Medical Products
Case Study:

Copper Development Association

The Copper Development Association (CDA) is a not-for-profit association supporting miners, fabricators, and manufacturers through research and education about the use of copper and copper alloys.

Initial Challenge: Introduce an innovative but unknown product to the healthcare market.
When U.S. Department of Defense-funded research in 2010 showed copper to be an outstanding antimicrobial surface, the CDA turned to Dr. Georgiou. They had evidence showing that strategic use of copper in intensive care units could decrease hospital-acquired infections by 58 percent, but needed help to effectively introduce antimicrobial copper to an unfamiliar healthcare industry and drive the adoption of antimicrobial copper products in hospitals.

Client Success: Within three years, Dr. Georgiou helped the CDA develop national healthcare demand for antimicrobial copper products.
During her four-year consultancy with CDA, Dr. Georgiou collaborated with the CDA’s metallurgical engineers and executed a strategic plan to introduce antimicrobial copper to hospital decision-makers. Her advocacy created national awareness in the healthcare market and demand for antimicrobial copper products.

  • When Archelle partnered with the CDA in 2011, antimicrobial copper products were unknown in the healthcare industry.
    • There was no awareness or discussion of copper as an antimicrobial product among infectious disease or patient safety experts.
    • There were no “on the shelf” antimicrobial copper products for hospitals since there was no market demand. It was a “chicken-egg” dilemma.
  • By 2014, as the result of the outreach, market education, and national clinical advocacy strategies, antimicrobial copper products for healthcare were in national demand.
    • Antimicrobial copper was a mainstream topic at national infectious disease and patient safety conferences.
    • Hospitals eagerly bid for the opportunity to participate as early adopters of copper products in a pilot program. The pilot program stimulated more than 150 hospitals and other healthcare facilities to install antimicrobial copper alloy surfaces in patient rooms and clinical treatment areas.
    • Manufacturers invested in launching new antimicrobial product lines with hundreds of products including stretcher rails, sinks, visitor chairs, and tray tables.