The Body’s Picasso: Art and Anatomy

In The Body’s Picasso, Dr. Archelle Georgiou inspires her audience to appreciate the beauty within each of us by using famous artistic works to explain the greatest masterpiece of all: our human anatomy. Using a creative multi-media approach, she takes the audience on a journey through six organ systems, explains how the body is a professional masterpiece and encourages us to treat ourselves like the remarkable works of art that we are. A segment of The Body’s Picasso was featured on Minnesota Public Radio.

“From the breathtaking first moments of her presentation, "The Body's Picasso: Exploring the Art of Human Anatomy", Dr. Georgiou dares us to think differently by asking us to imagine our body as what it truly is: a work of fine art. Widespread acceptance of this idea could—more than many health and wellness interventions we've tried—be the key to changing the trajectory of human health and well-being.”

John Brownlee
CEO, vidscrip