An Unorthodox Career Path: Pivoting to Career Success

Using her own nontraditional transition from “practicing physician to playing one on TV,” Dr. Archelle Georgiou discusses how and why she navigated through a succession of strategically managed career pivots. She openly shares the high points as well as the low points and explains how each individual can adapt the mathematical risk analysis she developed for herself to design a personal and meaningful professional journey.

“What a powerful message today! Your message resonated well across all members of your audience. You are extraordinarily gifted. Again, thank you for donating your time today to empower and uplift the women in the biomedical engineering community.”

Debra Auguste, PhD

“Archelle’s talk at the Biomedical Engineering Society’s Women’s Luncheon event was captivating and inspiring!  I loved how she portrayed her amazing career journey in terms that engineers would relate to (graphs!) and inspired us to take well-calculated risks into the unknown as we follow our passions.  It was like she was speaking to each one of us and knew what was going on in our heads.  Powerful speaker!”

Sandy Williams, Ph.D.
President, Access Biomedical Solutions LLC