“The more engaged and activated you are in your care, the better your outcomes. Archelle’s fantastic new book provides a framework and practical tools to help ensure the best care possible. We should not only read it; we should use it.”

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD
Director, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality,
Johns Hopkins Medicine

“You are the healthcare expert on you! Dr. Georgiou's simple method empowers you to discipline your health care providers by requiring them to give you the information you need to decide what is best for you. This is a must read for all healthcare consumers, leading to better care, better cost and better outcomes, through care that fits you and your values.”

Steve Bonner
Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School;
Former CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

About the Book

Making medical decisions is overwhelming, but your health is determined by the choices you make. In Healthcare Choices, Dr. Archelle Georgiou shares the 5-step CARES formula she developed to help thousands of people make choices that balance the best medical options with individual preferences. Now you, too, can use Archelle’s step-by-step process to make smart decisions that help you access the healthcare you need and deserve.

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About Archelle

Archelle Georgiou, MD, is a physician, advocate, advisor, author, and nationally known voice for choice in healthcare decisions. As a consumer advocate, she has addressed forums including the World Bank, Gallup, and Mayo Clinic, and presents a weekly news segment and regular health specials on ABC’s Twin Cities affiliate. National news appearances include Fox Business News, CNN, Good Morning America, and Katie’s Take with Katie Couric.

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Advocacy Tool Kit

Healthcare Choices is filled with tools and worksheets that Archelle developed for her own use, and to help you make informed choices about your health and healthcare. Her online Advocacy Tool Kit provides you with four of her book’s valuable resources: her formulas for selecting healthcare insurance, choosing your medical A-team, evaluating your medical treatment options, and learning how to weigh the value of alternative therapies.

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Archelle’s Blog

Archelle is passionate about using media to educate consumers about healthcare choices. As an on-air medical expert, she has covered more than 900 different topics, from research, technology and clinical care to health insurance and healthcare policy. Her lively and informative blog, The Voice for Choice, continues the conversation about medical concerns and empowers you to be an active participant in your health and healthcare.

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