Archelle’s Advocacy Tool Kit will be available in February 2017 when Healthcare Choices is released. These tools will give you the resources and guidance you need now to make the right healthcare choices for your medical care and your healthy future.

Power Shop for Health Insurance

Buying health insurance is confusing and expensive. Archelle’s tool for assessing competitive healthcare insurance policies insures that you will make an informed decision to choose the right insurance plan with the best coverage at the best price for your healthcare needs.

Select Your Healthcare A-Team

Your relationship with your doctor is second in importance only to your romantic relationship. This tools gives you the steps you need to identify the right specialists for your condition, consult with the top finalists on your list, verify the credentials of your candidates, and assemble your medical records so that you are working with a doctor who understands your medical history and respects your priorities.

Know Your Treatment Priorities

When you are diagnosed with a medical problem, treatment options can seem overwhelming. This tool shows you how to research your condition, understand the pros and cons of each treatment, evaluate your options, identify what matters most to you, discuss your preference with your physician, and plan next steps that anticipate complications and keeps you in active control of your care.

Sort Through Alternative Care

Medical treatment is evaluated based on whether it is the right treatment at the right time for the right condition; non-mainstream alternative therapies should be held to the same standards. However, finding objective information about alternative treatments is even more challenging than researching medical options. This tool shows you how to evaluate alternative treatments and decide whether you want to add them to your medical care.